Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wool 2 by Hugh Howey

Wool 2 expanded the giant silo that the characters live in to well over a hundred floors.  With Holston gone, Jahns, the mayor, has to find a new sheriff.  The current deputy highly suggests Juliette, who works with the mechanics at the bottom of the silo.  On the way down, they meet with the mysterious IT people who run the servers.

Two books came into my mind while reading this.  The first was The World Inside, where people live in buildings hundreds of stories tall and entire communities exist in floors next to each other.  The second was The City of Ember, where a generator that powers an underground city is failing.

Most of the drama in the first book is lost, and Wool 2 seems to be more about constructing the world.  It also had a bunch of useless, needless romantic content that did nothing but add to the word count.  It made me respect the Jahns and Marne a whole lot less.

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