Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stand by Alex McFarland

Stand is about several of the core truths that define the Christian faith.  The author attempts very badly to assure people of the facts and reasoning behind these core truths.  He also mentions all of the debates with atheists that he's had.  These atheists have the incredible quality of being even worse at arguing theology than he is.

Stand makes being a Christian look bad.  I'd be surprised if nobody converted to atheism after reading it.  Alex McFarland talks many times in the book about all of the atheists that he has debated with, and each one of them probably needs to be checked in to the nearest mental hospital after going for his false arguments and logical fallacies.  A couple of his "proofs" for why the Bible is true could also be used to prove that Homer's Odyssey is true!  Worse yet is that he indicates that he has actually read authors such as C. S. Lewis who present decent, logical arguments.  Alex McFarlane basically takes a bunch of facts he's researched and personal experiences of his and puts them together in ways that MAKE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

If you are an atheist who likes to laugh at Christians, get a Chick Tract.  This book is filled with too much other stuff for that.  If you are a Christian looking for the core truths of Christianity, avoid Stand like the plague if you don't want to cringe at Alex McFarland's stupidity every couple of pages.  If, however, you are looking for some good toilet paper, kindling material, or paper to line the bottom of your bird cage, and you want to pay a fair amount of money for it, you might just be in luck with Stand.

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